With the Mideast in Chaos, Israel Needs Defensible Borders

Stating (what should be) the obvious:

Israel was supposed to surrender land and defensible borders to its neighbors to buy peace. As those neighbors have descended or risk descending into war and chaos, the folly of trading strategic territory to placate unstable dictatorships has become even more clear. And as those dictatorships are replaced by terrorist organizations with their own armies and Iranian backing, defensible borders are as necessary as ever for Israel:

The True Face of Terrorism

Last Friday night, Palestinian terrorists broke into the home of the Fogel Israeli family in the settlement of Itamar in Samaria and murdered 5 family members. The victims included parents and three children aged 11, 4, and 3 months. (!)

I regret to say that I have been in Israel long enough that this simply registered as bad news. Even after my daughter rode home from school on the same Egged bus as the crying family on its way to funeral.

Not anymore.

If you, like me, need a better sense of what actually was involved in this brutal, inhuman act of cruelty, watch this video:

The True Face of Terrorism


BEFORE you watch:

In this video you WILL see pictures of bloody, murdered children and who knows what else because I could only watch it for about 10 seconds before I had to close it. I can only imagine what was in the rest of the video.

I post this link with great reluctance and I did NOT embed the video on this page because I am morally opposed to people viewing this kind of thing. But 10-20 seconds of this video should be enough to change the worldview of any person with a pulse and a shred of decency. If the idea of a murdered 4-year-old and a murdered baby doesn’t sicken and enrage you or someone you know, maybe you should watch. If you can take it.

Is it really possible for a human being to commit such an act of barbarity? Apparently it is. And this is the kind of enemy that Israel faces every day. These are the people with whom we are told that we must make peace.

Palestinian society glorifies this kind of deed at every level, from the top to the bottom. Do such people deserve a country of their own? Would you give them a state in your own back yard? A state adjoining all of the major population centers of YOUR country? Why should Israel?

Ehud Barak’s Contrasting Remarks on Beit El

Jerusalem Post columnist Sarah Honig writes relating to contrasting remarks made by Ehud Barak regarding the town of Beit El; one statement in May, 1998 as a prime minister candidate, and the other recently at the Herzliya Conference as defense minister in the government led by Likud prime minister Netanyahu:

“From here in Beit El to the people of Beit El and to all the citizens of the State of Israel: My party and I have clear red lines. We will remain in Beit El forever…. A united Jerusalem must remain under full and unequivocal Israeli sovereignty…. Under no circumstances will we return to the 1967 lines and there will be no foreign army west of the Jordan River.”

There was more: “I came here to see how the settlements have developed. It is heartening to see that there is so much growth and progress. There are beautiful projects here – the beauty isn’t only in the projects but is connected to the soul, to the soul of Israeli society.”

As The Jerusalem Post’s then-political correspondent, I was there on May 12, 1998. I heard Beit El residents suggesting – not entirely in jest – that they find a home for their visitor inside the settlement. As predictable, Peace Now excoriated him, issuing a statement that expressed “shock and dismay” at his heresy.

….At the recent Herzliya Conference [Barak] sternly warned that “lack of a solution to the problem of border demarcation within historic Eretz Yisrael – and not an Iranian bomb – is the most serious threat to Israel’s future.” In other words, failure to cede to Ramallah’s flimsy make-believe regime whatever it wishes – Beit El included – is a greater threat to Israel than Iranian nukes. No less…

Considering the deal he belatedly deems indispensable, there’s no way Beit El can stay Israeli…

The above pro-settler blandishments along with their subsequent precise reversals were both uttered – with equal confidence and seeming conviction – by the same Ehud Barak. He’s ever-adept at making whatever noises suit his purposes at any given juncture. When he strove to win the premiership, it suited him to woo the silent majority which, he accurately diagnosed, was hawkishly inclined.

Nowadays his chilling chides are also sounded for expedient motives. Our defense minister warns his own government (thereby subliminally accusing it of obstructionism) against the dire consequences of noncompliance with enemy demands.

It’s in Barak’s misguided interest to do so. He is fast losing support in what’s left of his waning party. Instead of pulling it bravely back to the activist political center, where Labor’s greatest strength resided historically, he seeks to mollify his left-wing internal opposition. To hold on to the remainder of its dubious support, he tries to posture as an ultra-dove….

Does Barak believe his own words?