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News from Israel

Security Issues

Israeli Politics

  • The Israeli Likud party Home Page.
  • The Ze'ev Jabotinsky Home Page profiles the life of the founder of the Revisionist Zionist movement, out of which today's Likud party has developed. Also home to the Israeli Classical Liberal Web Site.
  • Dry Bones, by Yaakov Kirschen, is one of Israel's premier political cartoons.

Research and Policy Institutes

  • The Shalem Center, an innovative research and educational institution focusing on Jewish social thought and Israeli public policy, seeks to offer the Jewish nation a coherent alternative to an increasingly post-Zionist Israel.
  • The Freeman Center for Strategic Studies "commissions extensive research into the military and strategic issues related to the Arab-Israeli conflict".
  • The Jabotinsky Institute conducts academic research and maintains archives and a musuem regarding the life and works of Zionist leader Ze'ev Jabotinsky: English / Hebrew

The Settlements

  • The Jewish community of Hebron provides information on the city where the Jewish Patriarchs once lived.
  • Ma'aleh Adumim, the largest city among the "Jewish settlements," is located just east of Jerusalem. (Private web site run by Jacob Richman.)
  • Ariel, the second largest Jewish town in the territories, calls itself the "Capital of Samaria."
  • Mitzpeh Yericho, located in the Judean desert, 20 km east of Jerusalem.">links to other yishuvim in Yesha.

Prisoners of Conscience

Activist Groups - Israel

  • Professors for a Strong Israel is an influential non-partisan organization of Israeli academics united in a common concern for the security and the Jewish character of the State of Israel.
  • Zo Artzenu is a grassroots Israeli protest movement supporting Jewish rights to the land of Israel.
  • Israel Media Watch is an independent, non-partisan advocacy group examining issues of journalistic ethics and objectivity in the Israeli media.
  • Women for Israel's Tomorrow is a grassroots women's movement "dedicated to the security and Jewish heritage of historic Israel." They are commonly known as the Women in Green due to their distinctive green hats.

Activist Groups - United States


  • Solar Energy in Israel: Energy independence and alternatives to oil are major security concerns for Israel and the Western World. Many Israeli companies are innovators in the exciting field of solar energy.
  • Hebrew Dictionary Online is a great place to learn Hebrew words. Sign up for their Hebrew Word-a-Day Mailing list.
  • Instant Hebrew is a new online course that teaches people to read Hebrew in just 2 hours.
  • The Sefer Torah Recycling Network finds out-of-use sifrei Torah in need of repair, fixes them, and then donates them to settlements and synagogues in Israel.
  • Computer Jobs in Israel -- Home of Jacob Richman's famous email list that posts available high-tech jobs in Israel. If you are looking for a computer job in Israel this is the place to start, even if you live abroad.
  • Binyan Shalem -- an institution that helps bring the beauty of traditional Jewish weddings to secular Israeli couples (Hebrew site).
  • The Holy City Prayer Society is a nondenominational monotheistic prayer service in Jerusalem.
  • Yad Vashem is the Holocaust remembrance museum in Jerusalem.
  • Stock Market Challenge is a free, online stock game run by an Israeli company. This real-life simulation lets you practice investing in the US stock market without ever risking a cent of your own money.
  • Shalach Manos -- Send Purim gift baskets - Misloach Manot to Israel.
  • Your Own US Postal Address -- A useful service for expat Americans in Israel and others who want to have their own US mailing address, fax service and more.
  • Learn Biblical Hebrew -- possibly the most useful online Hebrew course in the world.

Israel/Jewish Internet indexes

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